The Brave New world of Micro-dosing Psychedelics


As a result of increasing research and after many decades of legal hiatus, more and more data is coming to light that is painting a very different picture about psychedelics than the one we’re used to. According to this study they are virtually harmless and can even improve mental health in some cases

How to Kickstart an Upwards Spiral in Life

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We’ve all been there. Everything is going great, you’re high on life and your motivation to get shit done seems effortless – you have momentum on your side. Congratulations, you’re in an upward spiral. What exactly is an upward spiral? Lets delve into this by asking the inverse question, what exactly is …

The Strange World of Floating


The other day I went down to Brookvale to see the guys at Sydney Float Centre. They have no idea I’m writing this or that I was secretly recording before, during and after the session (not that they would have cared) but anyway, I thought it would be cool to introduce some people to something …

Virtual Reality, Drones, and the Future

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UPDATE  The one and only Jason Silva himself has found and tweeted this article. No one will ever know how big of a deal this is for me. The dude has inspired me to think in a completely different, brain rewired, altered reality state kinda way. If you're reading this I need to tell you that you have been in ... Read More

Should I Buy the Inspire 1 Pro (RAW)

Should I Buy the Inspire 1 Pro (RAW)So you're serious about drones and you're thinking about taking it to the next level by either buying the Inspire 1 Pro (X5 ), RAW (X5R), or you want to upgrade from the original Inspire 1 or Phantom 3. Whichever category you fit into you first have to first consider what you'll be ... Read More

Why Drones for me?


If I had asked someone in the year 2013 what they thought a ‘drone’ was you could almost guarantee their answer would include the word ‘military’. I’ll be honest, up until that point that would have been my first reaction too. The irony is I hadn’t given them a single thought until late 2014. It was only a year later that … Read More